A Hydro cyclone separates sand and other solid matter from water with very little head loss and 90% or better efficiency. There is no head loss build up and no clogging when the solids are separated. Hydro cyclones are easy to operate and maintain, and have no moving parts or screens.

Versatility in system configurations and ease of installation are some of its great advantages.

A Hydro cyclone uses a tangential injection flow process, enhancing the centrifugal forces and moving solid particles outwards. The dispersed particles move downward in a spiral path into an underflow chamber (sedimentation tank) while clean liquid moves upwards to the centre of the spiral, towards the top outlet.

A specially designed rubber insert protects the neck of the Hydro cyclone from erosion and increases separation efficiency. The Sedimentation Tank can be drained automatically with an automatic flushing kit (an electric valve, controller and small command filter). Automatic flushing will not interfere with the proper functioning of the Hydro cyclone. The Hydro cyclone has a 100 micron protective coating of extra durable polyester applied electrostatically and oven cured on a zinc-phosphate layer for maximal anti-corrosion protection.

Hydro cyclone Flow